Time to think SUMMER!!!

For awhile there it felt like summer was just a figment of our imagination. We have had the longest winter and slowest spring.  Things are finally green and blooming around here and it feels wonderful!


I made good use of the cold dreary days of the past few weeks by giving my classroom storage closet a much needed purge. I’ve also poured over pinterest, gathering up ideas for the upcoming Great to Create SUMMER ART CLASSES.

march class edits

I am so excited about the classes I have planned for Summer 2014! I love to learn and play right alongside your young artists! That’s why I have decided cut back the class sizes. A smaller class allows me to interact more one-on-one and that’s more fun for us all!


Another change for this summer…canvas! Yes, all paintings will be done on stretched canvas for these classes. There’s just something about painting on canvas that gives a young artist a special sense of pride in their creativity!

JosieThe younger class, CANVAS CREATIONS I, will find their painting inspiration from the stories and illustrations of fabulous children’s books. Books and art? Two of my favorite things!

The older kids class, CANVAS CREATIONS II, will spend each class learning from one of the masters–great painters in the history of art– by painting their own canvas in the master’s style. After studying the master’s myself this winter, I know just how fun it is to learn something new from something old!

Art is fun all on it’s own, but how about art with cupcakes, or ice cream, or manicures? Does it get any better? Girls ages 5-12 will have two awesome opportunities for PAINTING PARTIES this summer. Grab a friend and sign up together for some creative girlfriend fun!

Everything you need to know about Great to Create Summer Art Classes can be found on the CLASSES page. This is where you will REGISTER and PAY for classes. I’m excited to offer this easy new way to register and pay right here on my site!

I hope to see some familiar smiling faces and some new ones too at Great to Create Canvas Creations and Painting Parties!

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  1. I wish I could go – it looks like so much fun.

  2. Painting parties for girls?! That seriously has to be the BEST idea since sliced bread. 🙂

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